Concealed Firearms Permit of Utah

I recently took Dex's CFP class. It was interesting, very informative and entertaining. He is an outstanding instructor. I sat through a "competitors" class that my girlfriend went to (to save a few dollars) Dex wins this gunfight hands down. You get what you pay for and his class is an exceptional value. He walks you through the paperwork, photo and fingerprint process step by step. He makes sure it is done right the FIRST time, which will save you time and money plus the delay of getting your permit. His teaching technique, graphics and presentations are the benchmark of excellence, experience and professionalism.

-Mike K. Riter, Brigham City Utah




Hi Dex,

I took your CFP class last night and it was WONDERFUL! I was a little hesitant when my husband suggested that I get my CFP. I knew practically nothing about guns. But with your experience as a law enforcement instructor and your excellent polite people skills you made the class entertaining and confidence building. The 4 hours flew by and I didn't want it to end. Thanks so much. Was worth every penny.

-Sarah Morill




I could have taken the class from others but I drove the 90 miles to this instructor because of the what my friends told me. The class was amazing, definitely worth it.

-Clayton Stevens, Salt Lake City




I taught as a firearms instructor at the FBI academy for 11 years. I was in Dex's class as a guest while I was visiting in Utah. Dex's class has it all together. It is well balanced and informative, the content of the class provided new information for beginner and professional shooters. I would recommend this class even as a refresher course with confidence to any one.

-Robert Voight




Taking Dex's Concealed Firearms Class is empowering for women!

-Darla Bently,Newton Utah




Dex Taylor is definitely one of our best instructors. He's extremely knowledgeable and articulate. His handgun classes are first-rate because he's developed instructional techniques that really connect with his students. Best of all, Dex is passionate about ensuring that his students will be safe and responsible permit holders.

-Lt. Doug Anderson

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

(The state agency that oversees Utah's concealed firearm permit program)