Concealed Firearms Permit of Utah
Frequently Asked Questions

·What does the tuition for this course include?

The tuition in this class provides you with all of your required paper work and certification of completion of the firearms familiarization course as outlined by the Department of Public Safety. Also provided is your completed fingerprinting, ID photos, famillerization completion stamp, and includes the best firearms training class available in the state of Utah taught by law enforcement professionals & police firearms instructors. We also offer hands on live firearms training at the shooting range at no additional cost for those who would like. At the end of the class you will have your packet signed, sealed, completed, and stamped. The only thing you will need to do is drop it in the mail for the government to conduct your background search in all 50 states. (Please note you will need to pay a fee to the Utah BCI division to process & conduct your background check. This is NOT part of the class tuition. You must pay this directly to the state when you mail off your application and you may wait up to one year to pay this fee).


·How much training is required by the state of Utah for a permit?

It is a one time 4 hour course. Don't worry it is a well planned course that is very informative and entertaining. You will enjoy it and it will go by fast. Just read what past students have to say in our "Comments" section, just click on the above.


·Is a Utah permit honored in other states?

Yes- Currently up to 37 states. But it is important that you know the state laws, limitations, and restrictions prior to visiting any given state. (This topic will be addressed in the class)


·How old do you have to be to receive a permit?

You can take the CFP education class at any age but you must be 21 years old when you send in your paper work to apply.


·How long is my permit good for and how do I renew it?

Currently the renewal is every 5 years and the renewal fee is only $15. Make sure you keep the state updated on your address so that you will receive the renewal application.


·If I am from another state can I still get a Utah permit?

Yes- Currently about 1/3 of Utah permit holders are non-residents. You are not required to be a Utah resident to obtain a Utah CFP.


·If my Driver's License is from another state is it still ok to get a Utah permit?

Yes- If you have a driver's license from another state you are still able to apply for a Utah permit.


·Does a Utah permit show which guns I own or if I own any?

The Utah permit does not show that you own any guns.


·Does my Utah permit only allow me to carry a specific firearm or one that is only registered to me?

You may carry guns owned, registered, unregistered or loaned to you from someone else. A Utah CFP does not restrict you to any particular firearms.


·Why do CFP classes seem to vary in price? ($40-$300)

You get what you pay for " The bitter taste of poor quality far outlasts the momentary sweetness of a cheap price." Many instructors are new, or are hobbyists and don't always provide accurate information that is important to holding your CFP. They also leave out some of the steps that are required to send in your application so that you can obtain your CFP. Our Instructors are Law Enforcement professionals that also go to the range with you to shoot. Live fire training is rarely offered in other classes; also all needed paper is included ( fingerprints, familerazation stamp, photos, and application papers) so that you can mail in you application as soon as you finish the class. This saves time and money not having to run around after the class is over.


·Is it true that I have to go through a background check even though I had one recently done for something else?

Yes- Everyone who applies for a Utah CFP must have a background check done. Regardless if you have completed one in the past.


·I recently just had my fingerprints done? Do I need to have them taken again for my Utah CFP?

Yes- The State of Utah requires that all applicants submit their fingerprints cards. Even though you might have already submitted them for something else. Fingerprints are provided with our class at no extra charge


·How clean does my record have to be in order to receive my Utah permit?

The length of time for a clean record varies greatly depending on the offense. Most DUI infractions that have a conviction date with in the past five years will likely prevent the issuance of a Utah permit. The conviction should be over the 5 years before you send in your application. Single misdemeanor offenses may last as little as one year or up to three years. Restraining orders may prevent the issuing of a Utah permit until cleared by the court. If you have specific concerns please feel free to contact us or Utah's BCI at 801-965-4445.